The Pacific Leadership Assistance Network (PLAN) is a coalition of independent Micronesian leaders championing Pacific-relevant, culturally-appropriate, Micronesia-focused leadership development programs for organizations, schools, agencies, businesses, service providers that support the Micronesian diaspora in the United States.

Created by Vid Raatior as a part of the Pacific Focused initiative,  PLAN is being developed as a direct response to the growing demand from schools and service providers in the United States specifically Hawaii to locate experts on culturally responsive strategies to support the needs of the migrants from the Micronesian region. The region includes the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and the Republic of Palau (ROP).


We envision a world in which Pacific Islander values, cultures, and people are respected as part of the local culture of success.


PLAN’s mission is to assist organizational leaders with Pacific-focused, culturally-sustaining professional development programs to improve services for Pacific Islanders locally and globally.


  • PACIFIC: Focus on the indigenous cultures and peoples of the Pacific Island region of Micronesia.
  • LEADERSHIP: Standardize culturally-appropriate leadership development programs for agencies, organizations, conferences.
  • ASSISTANCE: Normalize the contribution of consultants from the Pacific region in statewide and national professional development initiatives.
  • NETWORK: Organize individual consultants into a national network with common goals, strategies, values, fees, and training.


Members consist of Pacific Islanders and all who focus on improving the lives of Pacific Islanders in the United States. By joining PLAN you will be able to contribute to and participate in a number of beneficial opportunities.